Gear GB close out

Bernie Benz b.m.benz at
Tue Oct 29 10:24:01 EST 2002

Derek and the 200 List,

First, I will repeat my private appologies to Derek publicly to the list.  I
don't know how the cc to the 200 List got into my header, thus distributing
our private communications on this subject to the list.  At this point I
attribute it to too much wine and inattention on my part.  SORRY!

Derek, I don't believe that you owe any appologies to the list for the way
in which we handled the finances of our GB program because of my
indiscression.  You set a fair and honest price for the part, considering
the program unknowns at the time, and the buyers bought considering it to be
a fair price with respect to the alternative.  Because of these unknowns, we
both spent an unexpected and inordinate amount of time and effort in
bringing this project to a sucessful conclusion.

Derek, the decision as to what to do with the small percentage of excess
funds in the account is exclusively ours, IMO.  After considering all of the
alternatives, we have decided upon a fair and equatable close out.  Stay the
course, and don't waste more time on a completed project.



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