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Tue Oct 29 14:40:23 EST 2002

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Richard and New England lister(s):
I also contacted Adenalin, mentioned it to the post and currently trying to
get a ECU deal with NED at IA.  I was hoping to do a before and after too.
But, if we can a group "run"  I'll go Chipped or not just for the experience.
Good to see the price quotes the same!
-Scott in BOSTON

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> God bless the list!  I just dropped off a bent BBS RX rim at Rimpro and $100
> later=85..voila, a perfect rim.
> ******Next, one of you mentioned a 4 wheel dynamometer in the Worcester
> area. Dan at Rimpro put me in touch with Adrenalin Motorsports in Auburn, MA
> (Worcester), who gave me news I wish to pass on: for $200, several of us can
> rent the dyno for  one hour, and make as many runs as we like with up to 4
> cars. I was thinking=85=85=85. One Hoppen, one Lehmann, one IA III and one =
> TAP chip, all compared on the same facility. With two days notice, we could
> meet
> at Adrenalin and answer many claims and dispel many rumors.

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