Muffler bypass

Dmohlemacher at Dmohlemacher at
Tue Oct 29 16:16:12 EST 2002

I took a lesson from my ex-928 and replaced the muffler on the 200 with
straight pipes.  Left the middle muffler (resonator) in place. Old muffler
weighs 30 lbs.

Sounds good - a bit louder at idle and wide open than before, but far from
'too loud',  don't have to turn the radio up any more if that's an indicator.

Seat of the pants report says it makes a difference, spools up faster, more
of a push when the turbo kicks in.

Did the work myself with an arc welder and pipe bender, and less than $30 in
parts from Pep Boys (2, 2-inch 36" straight pipes and a hanger)

I didn't get the bends exactly right, so it doesn't line up perfectly with
were the old tailpipes came out, I may redo it in the spring. I'm sure some
enterprising list vendors will have something soon that fits well for $125 or

Sure beats $800 for a new cat back system.

1991 200q
Dayton, OH

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