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In the lifes of 3 type 44 chassis cars I have only had one inner rear
bushing fail.  Check them out, but DFI if IAB!


> From: Dean Bredenbeck <djb at>
> Date: Tue, 29 Oct 2002 14:36:19 -0500
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> Subject: Rear control arm...
> Have '91 200-20V with 140K miles, Bilsteins and extra stiff lowering
> springs(H&R 29771's). Car has not been tracked but might do a driver's
> school in the future. For several months been hearing the standard
> complaints from rear control arms and have the driver's side rear
> control arm off now. Inner bushing looks ok (planning to replace
> anyhow), front bushings (two 443-511-247D's inside of 3 bolt hole
> bracket) are very deformed and washer on control arm side of bushing
> shows evidence of metal-to-metal  contact/movement. I'm assuming the
> front bushing wear is standard old age with flex in old inner bushing
> probably contributing to front bushing wear.
> So.....a few questions:
> Already have OEM inner bushings and am planning to order OEM
> replacements for front bushings. Are there higher performance (yet cost
> effective) substitutes for the rear control arm rubber stuff that
> anyone's had success with?  Or,  is this a non-issue in overall vehicle
> performance/longevity?
> Plenty of rubber components back there. Any others (including non-rubber
> stuff) I should replace while I'm at it?(insert "fat wallet" comments
> here:_________________)
> Any comments on re-using bushing related fasteners (after cleaning of
> course) and is "blue" loctite a sufficient threadlock for this application?
> Sorry for the long post. Couldn't find a comprehensive discussion on
> this in Chris Miller's or Scott Mockry's sites or in the list archives.
> Thanks .......Dean
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