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Tue Oct 29 13:22:37 EST 2002

At 08:10 AM 10/29/2002 , Richard E. Berlin, Jr. wrote:

>Next, one of you mentioned a 4 wheel dynamometer in the Worcester area. Dan
>at Rimpro put me in touch with Adrenalin Motorsports in Auburn, MA
>(Worcester), who gave me news I wish to pass on: for $200, several of us can
>rent the dyno for  one hour, and make as many runs as we like with up to 4
>cars. I was thinking

. One Hoppen, one Lehmann, one IA III and one TAP
>chip, all compared on the same facility. With two days notice, we could meet
>at Adrenalin and answer many claims and dispel many rumors.

wouldn't it be better/quicker to simply swap ECUs on one car?  that would
help minimize the variables of car mileage, state of tune, etc.  Of course
it would be harder on the one car, and not feasible if an ECU is tuned for
specific components (i.e RS2 MAFS, infjectors, or heavier WG spring, etc).

>I’m definitely in, but by making it a mini 200q20v meeting, we could book
>the dyno for as long as we want, and follow up with a meal somewhere. With
>sufficient participation, we could get the per head dyno cost down to $25.00
>or so.

OTOH, knowing what MY car really had in it would be very good to know.

>I’m definitely in. Any of you care to join in??

unfortunately for me, I"m on the wrong coast for this one.

Please let us know your results.

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