Having our "older audi" voices heard by ACCNA (vote Chris Miller to BOD)

Brett Dikeman brett at cloud9.net
Tue Oct 29 18:31:20 EST 2002

At 11:56 AM -0500 10/29/02, Peter Schulz wrote:

>Chris Miller is running for the Board of Directors.

I second all of Peter's comments about Chris.  He has been involved
in the 200q20v list since pretty much the beginning, and I have been
continuously impressed with the quality(and frequency!) of answers
Chris gave when helping people and the mannerism in which he conducts

There is one issue which Peter doesn't go into much, which is why
Chris Miller(and Mike Calleo) are running for the national board.
Currently, the ACCNA has ZERO representation for the Northeast
region, which comprises, as a whole, a significant percentage of the
ACCNA's membership.  Size is not everything, and nobody is trying to
pull a "we're the biggest region, we wanna take over the club, nyah
nyah!" move, but SOME form of representation is absolutely necessary.

 From the many discussions Chris and I have had or been involved in, I
know Chris is intimately aware of many of the issues that need to be
addressed, both for the NEQ region and for the organization as a
whole; those who have been on the lists for a while probably know
what kinds of issues I'm talking about.

You saw a second name in there- Mike Calleo.  Mike has been involved
with the NEQ region for quite some time as well; instructor, board
member for the regional board, region website maintainer, and just
recently an eventmaster as well.  Mike owns an '83 UrQ and just
recently added a 200q20v to his stable.  Though I've known Chris for
far longer, I feel it is important to mention Mike's name as well and
give him support.

I would be pleased to have either representing the region I belong
to, on the national board.  One good reason is because Chris and Mike
were nominated by a committee of several members of the regional
board of directors, all of whom I've come to know and respect.  I
know that much time, consideration, and effort from those people went
into the selection process, and I think you can feel confident that
they will represent the region's interests to the letter.

Lastly- no doubt this has brought to mind the age-old complaints
about the national club as a whole.  You have two choices- you can
complain, not renew, etc...or you can get involved.  Become active in
your region, and make your voice heard, both on a regional and
national level. Run for a position in the organziation, or support
someone who is and shares your views.  The NEQ wasn't particularly
thrilled about how things were going, and decided to DO something
about it.  Don't like the way things are going at the ACCNA?  If YOU
are a member, it is YOUR club, --get involved!--

[ steps off soapbox :-) ]

"They that give up essential liberty to obtain temporary
safety deserve neither liberty nor safety." - Ben Franklin

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