V8 rear lights purchase

Charles Baer charlie at istari.com
Tue Oct 29 17:39:20 EST 2002

I just fiddled up a new page and added a link to it from the last one.
US sedan centers on an Avant would require the same top-chop.


No pics of the sedan install, but the euro center piece fits w/o mods
on their trunk lids.  All you have to fit is a license bracket.

Those are the SSRs I used to check BIRA S6-S6 before they moved the
disc inboard on the new design.  'bout 18lbs per 17x8.

I have Peaches en Regalia on the brain right now, time to go home
and crank up some Hot Rats.


t44tq at mindspring.com wrote:
> Charlie-
> So how much trimming did you have to do to make the lights
> work on the Avant, both in terms of differences from the
> sedan as well as in terms of the difference in plate size?
> Those SSR Integrals look NICE.
> Nice color Avant as well- don't see many in that color.
> Taka
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