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Tue Oct 29 19:44:39 EST 2002

I'm driving a well used 200q20v sedan.  Driver's side rear bushings on the
front of the trap. arm for the rear suspension bangs against the body; same
issue you've got.  Seems that the cars from the pot-hole ridden parts of the
country can wear out these bushings.

My original 200q20v was going to be a donor for this part, since the bushings
and bracket looked fine.  Pulled it off to find that the 10.9 grade 22 mm
head bolt was stripped, entirely.  Consensus is that someone prior to my
ownership (say 120k miles earlier) replaced the bushings/mount, and
cross-threaded it with an airgun on installation.  I'd been having a big hand
ling issue with the back end of the car...postmortem not been done quite yet.

Bushings are available separately (got mine through Scott Mockry  The later cars (S4/6) use a larger bushing and
mount; some of the late 200q20v might also use this (the family album is
Chris Miller, Bolton MA USA, c1j1miller at
'91 200q20v ==>

> From: Dean Bredenbeck <djb at>
> Date: Tue, 29 Oct 2002 14:36:19 -0500
> To: 200q20v at
> Subject: Rear control arm...
> Have '91 200-20V with 140K miles, Bilsteins and extra stiff lowering
> springs(H&R 29771's). Car has not been tracked but might do a driver's
> school in the future. For several months been hearing the standard
> complaints from rear control arms and have the driver's side rear
> control arm off now. Inner bushing looks ok (planning to replace
> anyhow), front bushings (two 443-511-247D's inside of 3 bolt hole
> bracket) are very deformed and washer on control arm side of bushing
> shows evidence of metal-to-metal  contact/movement. I'm assuming the
> front bushing wear is standard old age with flex in old inner bushing
> probably contributing to front bushing wear.
> So.....a few questions:
> Already have OEM inner bushings and am planning to order OEM
> replacements for front bushings. Are there higher performance (yet cost
> effective) substitutes for the rear control arm rubber stuff that
> anyone's had success with?  Or,  is this a non-issue in overall vehicle
> performance/longevity?
> Plenty of rubber components back there. Any others (including non-rubber
> stuff) I should replace while I'm at it?(insert "fat wallet" comments
> here:_________________)
> Any comments on re-using bushing related fasteners (after cleaning of
> course) and is "blue" loctite a sufficient threadlock for this application?
> Sorry for the long post. Couldn't find a comprehensive discussion on
> this in Chris Miller's or Scott Mockry's sites or in the list archives.
> Thanks .......Dean
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> Dean Bredenbeck
> 1991 200 20V TQW Tornado Red
> Cleveland, Ohio

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