MORE 4 wheel dyno

Joshua C smuckycat at
Tue Oct 29 20:08:27 EST 2002

Guys I am in Falmouth MA, Let me know when you are doing the dyno day.  I
too want in on the ECU buy, so if we did it at a dyno that would be a big
plus .  Right now the only mods I have done are a Stebro Cat back and opened
up the air box, putting on some new Samco hoses this weekend, should be
worth at least 5hp since they are red!  :)

If you are looking for owners of any marques just to get the price of the
dyno down I know some guys that are active in other area clubs such as Miata
and Honda S2K.  That is providing a 2 wheel drive car can use a 4 wheel
dyno?  I have never seen a dyno so I don't know how they operate.

Josh Cummings
Falmouth MA.
91 200 Avant
73 Alfa GTV

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