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I highly recommend that you guys use 1 car as the ginea pig.  3-4cars an hour
seems awful quick to me, IME it usually takes at least 1/2 hour for a tech to
get everything setup and calibrated, so 1 car per hour might be more

Regardless, if you are planning on comparing "chips", you should use a single
car (pick the best one) to take other tweek variables out (unless you want to
ck some of those other variables).  I also suggest a trip to Home Depot and
get a plant sparyer and hose down the IC to stabilize the temps before you
take the run (this is in addition to the fan on IC and rad).   What might
also be useful is a davtron IC guage to get your IC outlet temps, but you can
probably use an IR temp gun to use as a temp guildline.


Scott J
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Adrenalin says it's easy to test 3-4 cars per hour. Pete
Schulz thinks it would be more scientific if we used one car
and swapped out all the various modified and un modified
ECU's to give a better head to head comparison of all chips.

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