Hydraulic hose replacement questions

mallick at mail.utexas.edu mallick at mail.utexas.edu
Wed Oct 30 09:45:53 EST 2002

I received the replacement hydraulic hose kit (the one that goes from the "bomb"
up to the pump) and I notice that in the kit there are 2 replacement banjo
bolts: one with a large hole and one with a smaller hole.  Now the hose only has
a banjo bolt fitting on one end, so where does the other bolt go?  Is the kit
designed for multiple models and I pick the bolt which matches the one that
comes out?

There's also a little plastic damper doohickey to insert in the hose, but the
Bentley details that procedure.  But what's the story with the bolts?  Any BTDT?


John Mallick
200q20v, 153K

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