Hydraulic hose replacement questions

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At 09:45 AM 10/30/2002 -0600, you wrote:
>I received the replacement hydraulic hose kit (the one that goes from the "bomb"
>up to the pump) and I notice that in the kit there are 2 replacement banjo
>bolts: one with a large hole and one with a smaller hole.  Now the hose only has
>a banjo bolt fitting on one end, so where does the other bolt go?  Is the kit
>designed for multiple models and I pick the bolt which matches the one that
>comes out?
>There's also a little plastic damper doohickey to insert in the hose, but the
>Bentley details that procedure.  But what's the story with the bolts?  Any BTDT?
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You want to use the bolt with the small filter screen on the side to attach the hose the accumulator (bomb).

The extra o rings and the other bolt are for the pump side - that is if you remove the pipe from the pump .

I left it intact and removed the lower hose by using a stubby crescent wrench.

Follow the Bentley instructions and be sure that the lower hose contacts the stop(stud sticking out of the housing) on the accumulator.
This will ensure that the lower hose is properly positioned and should prevent the hose from chafing against the body near the driver side engine mount
(which caused the failure of the hose in my car)



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