Of chips and dynos

Brett Dikeman brett at cloud9.net
Wed Oct 30 12:39:38 EST 2002

At 10:17 AM -0500 10/30/02, QSHIPQ at aol.com wrote:

>I highly recommend that you guys use 1 car as the ginea pig.  3-4cars an hour
>seems awful quick to me, IME it usually takes at least 1/2 hour for a tech to
>get everything setup and calibrated, so 1 car per hour might be more
>Regardless, if you are planning on comparing "chips", you should use a single
>car (pick the best one) to take other tweek variables out (unless you want to
>ck some of those other variables).  I also suggest a trip to Home Depot and
>get a plant sparyer and hose down the IC to stabilize the temps before you
>take the run (this is in addition to the fan on IC and rad).   What might
>also be useful is a davtron IC guage to get your IC outlet temps, but you can
>probably use an IR temp gun to use as a temp guildline.

I second what Scott said- I have a mister that can be connected up to
a garden hose or similar, provides a nice mist with a good spread.

What so far has not been mentioned is logging as much as we can- 14
days is pretty short notice to get some data aq set up, and in our
cars, you can't log a whole lot straight off the ECU; I'd have to
flip through the Bentley, but I think you mostly get timing and
coolant temperature.  Not very enthralling :-)

Much as it sounds like a super cool thing and we're all chomping at
the bit, if we're going to drop the dough, let's at least make it
really worthwhile and collect as much info as we can.  This is just a
guess, but Adrenalin isn't going to be set up for doing data aq with
our cars, because they're used to fully ODBII compliant cars which
provide everything from MAF sensor flow to throttle position straight
from the ECU.  I would guess the most they have as far as external
data aq is a sniffer.

Among other things, it gives us time to find one or two test
'platforms'.  Why two?  Well, personally, I've always wanted to see
some cold hard numbers to finally put the k&n bull$h!t to rest, and
it'd also be interesting to see what effects exhausts have. I know
Peter has as Stromung, and Paul Levano has a Stebro, etc.

May I suggest January, or even in the spring?

If you move it to, say, the spring, I can, for example, propose a
"older cars tuning day/ car show" to the northeast region of the
qclub, and we could talk to Adrenalin about doing an entire day's
worth of stuff with them.  Costs per person would probably end up
being lower.

Another reason to do data aq, aside from learning, is that Garrett,
from what I hear, likes to tinker around sometimes on 'something
different.'  SRS is a Garrett dealer and I know them fairly well-
perhaps some interest can be raised.

As a side, doesn't anyone think it's high time that we ripped apart
the contents of the 3B EPROMS like the main list has done for the
10vt's? I'd love to know what makes the 3B ecu tick, both in terms of
instruction and data tables.  If anyone has any knowledge they'd like
to contribute, I'd be happy to serve as librarian for the info.  If
people have upgraded and kept their stock ROMs, I can see if they'll
be read by our ROM reader here at home...

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