UPsolutee ECU Modifications

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I'd stay away from this type of "generalist" tuner, furthermore the HP
claims are 268 and not 286. The 2.5 Bar transducer can only be used in
combination with appropriate software, otherwise the engine will run too
lean at WOT (that's the only part where the MAP sensor plays a role in the
fueling, otherwise it's only used to control the WGFV) and destruction of
the engine should occur within only a few miles. However, the best results
will be obtained with a chipset from a reputable tuner, I'd stay away from
generalists the same as for plague because some of them only sell slightly
modified MTM or other known-brand chips or otherwise they sell simply crap
that doesn't have the claimed HP.

If you want some help on chip tuning, you can contact me off-list and we
can discuss this!



At 18:51 30/10/2002 +0000, Jobe Tichy wrote:
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>Does anyone have any experience with UPsolute ECU chips?  I have recently
>stumbled upon thier website and the performance specs for the 20v turbo are
>very similar to other chips on the market at HALF the price.  The numbers are
>268 hp and 306 ft/lbs of gain--not to shabby and this is without an upgraded
>transducer as well.  I imagine with a 2.5 bar transducer, even higher gains
>would result.  Any comments would be appreciated.
>Thanks in advance.
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