Instrument Lighting gone Crazy

Brett Dikeman brett at
Wed Oct 30 16:12:31 EST 2002

At 3:23 PM -0500 10/30/02, John Corbs wrote:
>And I thought I'd left all this behind in my '83 UrQ???
>Get in Monday evening to drive home and when I switch on the lights, both
>turn signal lights come on (not blinking) and the high beam indicator light
>glowing dimly.
>When I indicate a turn, both turn signal lights blink alternately although
>(thankfully) the turn signals flash on the correct corner front and rear.

Cracked solder joint on the instrument cluster.

I opted for piggybacking some wire(ie in parallel with the trace.)

A good strong whack on top of the dash sometimes makes it go away for a bit.

FYI- it also usually causes the clock to slow down significantly.  Do
not rely on it.

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