Of chips and dynos

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Wed Oct 30 16:53:27 EST 2002

GIAC is the chip software company that Garrett Lim

His software is well-regarded by many in the newer
Audi circles- Audiworld. :-)

The majority of GIAC stuff is for the 1.8T and 2.7T
engines, with some software done for various BMWs
and Porsches as well.

You can read up more at the following:

The reason I mention GIAC is because I know Jeremy mentioned
he was running this software in his old 200q20v, don't know
if that was a one-off or not. I don't really see how you could
effectively tune without either an engine dyno and a 3B on a
stand or a 4-wheel dyno (maybe it was done on a 4 wheel dyno,
I don't know). Garrett is very knowledgeable, though.


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