Of chips and dynos

Joshua C smuckycat at hotmail.com
Wed Oct 30 18:42:15 EST 2002

Brett and other guys wanting to do the extensive dyno day.  I live about an
hour south of Worcester in Falmouth on Cape Cod, I have plenty of room for
anyone coming from out of state that needs a place to stay, I also have a
heated garage (its not huge but the audi fits fine) and big driveway if
anyone wants to work on wash their cars.  I could host a meeting/winter
cookout.  I know Brett is a MAC guy too, if your aquisition software, rom
reader etc... needs a computer I have a new MAC laptop I would be willing to
let you use for the day.
just my offer for the help I have recived from the listers.
thanks-Josh Cummings

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