roof rack options

Andy trifox13 at
Thu Oct 31 16:29:38 EST 2002

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I am trying to figure out how to adapt the factory roof rack rails on a '91=
 200 wagon to accept some crossbars that will accept some bicycle mounts an=
d a thule box. I have been told many things by different retailers about wh=
at will work and what won't . I am not fond of racks that have wide metal s=
traps the grab the car by the top of the door panels. It seems that my by m=
y only option. I would like to use the factory rack and audi says nothing a=
vailable. Thule has a 415 kit that looks like it should work great, but the=
 rack place says the tubular rails on the factory rack is too small in diam=
eter for the kit to work. I am thinking about kluging some spacers around t=
he factory rack to mount these but am looking for some BTDT from you guys a=
nd gals.
The factory rack seems substantial enough to do this, any thoughts?
thanx in advance,

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