roof rack options

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Thu Oct 31 16:46:31 EST 2002

I use the following Thule mounts to clamp a system to our wagon rails:

IME, they work perfectly, and make for very quick, lockable
install/de-install of the system.  No roof contact at all.  I drove back
east last year w/2 bikes on 'lockjaw'-type carriers, and had no problems.
To my knowledge, this is the ONLY one that works w/our Audi wagon OEM
rails - I searched everywhere, and everyone, including Yak & Thule
factories, told me they had no application for our wagon.  Of course, what
they really mean is that, due to the low sales volume of our cars, they have
not deemed it worth their while to determine & publish a 'fit'.

David Brill
Hillsboro, OR
'91 200q20v Lago Avant, 140k

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I am trying to figure out how to adapt the factory roof rack rails on a '91
200 wagon to accept some crossbars that will accept some bicycle mounts and
a thule box. I have been told many things by different retailers about what
will work and what won't . I am not fond of racks that have wide metal
straps the grab the car by the top of the door panels. It seems that my by
my only option. I would like to use the factory rack and audi says nothing
available. Thule has a 415 kit that looks like it should work great, but the
rack place says the tubular rails on the factory rack is too small in
diameter for the kit to work. I am thinking about kluging some spacers
around the factory rack to mount these but am looking for some BTDT from you
guys and gals.
The factory rack seems substantial enough to do this, any thoughts?
thanx in advance,

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