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Which brings to mind, does anyone have a line on
the usual EGT operating range for a turbo?

Maximum survivable ranges?

Temperature difference across the turbine blades?

FWIW, a long time ago I ran an aftermarket turbo charge Opal Manta.
Very rudimentary engine management &/or boost control, i.e. in
reality none except an EGT gauge plumbed into the exhaust about 6"
behind the turbo, a very small bottle of H20 injecting water into
the carburetor, and the installers instructions, "When you see the
egt gauge get up around 1,400 F, you'd best take your foot out
of it cause something is likely to start melting."

I'm hearing @ a 300F drop across a turbo is, would or could be
considered "normal" & a reasonable / desirable goal?
If that's the case, is one looking for @ 1,700 F as reasonable
& acceptable for an EGT range reading in the exhaust
manifold, ahead of the turbine?

Anyone have any thoughts or other information sources or data
on acceptable EGT temperature limits or goals?


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~Just finished driving around town like a maniac, several 0-100
~runs, ... previously seen the  hot side of my RS2 glow ......
, what I saw was not only the hot side of the turbo
~glowing, but most of the stromung, about 6 inches past the O2 sensor, and
~also the ENTIRE RS2 exhaust manifold.

~'95 "RED HOT" S6

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