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Tom Egbert tomegbert1323 at
Sun Sep 1 10:39:31 EDT 2002

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  In anticipation of getting the rear bose amps fixed by recall, I recently=
 had the original head unit remanufacture in Florida (with 1 yr. warranty).=
 I have all original speakers and assembled the system; testing speakers an=
d amps in a similar bose 1990 car as I went. It all works in the old car bu=
t no sound in the 20 valve.

  I have gone to the Bentley manual and it has different info in different =
places. One section mentions a speaker relay. I have yet to find this but w=
ill attempt again today. The cruise control has also been erratic since.

  The previous owner kept all original bits and connectors. He had run comp=
letely separate wires for power and speakers for an after market system.

  This is so frustrating! Any help or btdt's would be appreciated.

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