Mystery coolant leak continues

Kneale Brownson knotnook at
Mon Sep 2 08:53:55 EDT 2002

Multifunction temperature switch?  Compressor seals leaking?  Two separate
issues coincidentally occuring?

At 02:37 AM 09/02/2002 -0500, BriceW at wrote:

>A few weeks ago I posted about a coolant leak of which I couldn't figure
>out where it came from. Since then it has not leaked again.
>But now, the low coolant idiot light comes on all the time. The coolant
>reservoir tank is full and no leaks appear anywhere. Also at the same
>time the AC is now only blowing hot air where it was very cool before.
>And now the boost is only 1.3 where it was 1.7 before.
>The water pump,timing belt and idler pulley were changed 6,000 miles ago
>because of a seeping water pump. they were all OEM parts and the job was
>done by a long time seasoned Audi mechanic.
>There is a leak on the garage floor at the the lower front middle
>drivers left side that looks like oil and coolant. It might be directly
>under the AC compressor.
>The car drives fine and the temp gauge never goes beyond right under the
>half mark which is its usual. The temp switch was changed when the water
>pump was done as was the thermostat.
>I have been considering cutting the low coolant switch on the bottom of
>the reservoir tank and seeing if the idiot light stays on still. Are
>there any other switches or conditions that could cause the low coolant
>light to come on?
>I am very perplexed by this and don't quite know which way to proceed.
>It would be great if it was just a bad low coolant switch and needing
>new freon but I suspect something more. The initial coolant leak a few
>weeks ago is what worries me the most. It hasn't leaked since. The tank
>stays full but the idiot light continues on.
>Which direction do I logically proceed?
>Could a bad "new" water pump cause this?
>What about the turbo pump?
>Brice Warnick
>91 200TQ20V 102,000
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