LRP vintage photos online

Brett Dikeman brett at
Mon Sep 2 18:10:34 EDT 2002

Photos are up from the event- they're not 'processed' at all, and
pretty small to load quickly/save bandwidth.

They should look slightly overexposed on the mac, and (I'm guessing)
about right on the PC.

Note the green UrQ- you can't read it in the corner, but the owner
had "$25,000" written in the upper corner of the windshield, probably
his way of stretching the "no for sale signs" rule.

The owner chewed out Gary(GMBCHEF at, owner of the white UrQ)
for (supposedly) having non-stock lights- Gary and Marc were pretty
sure this guy had the wrong lights himself, not Gary.

There's a picture of Gary and Ron inspecting the undercarriage- a
quick inspection of the engine compartment revealed two holes, one
the size of a finger, in the intake plumbing, and oil coming from
what was probably blown turbo seals ALL over the place from the
busted hose.  Exterior was in good shape, interior was up there but
far from perfect.  Ron found a broken subframe mount.  Engine
compartment was nowhere near show condition.

$25,000?  Pardon me while I laugh.  My impression(and I will admit, I
am far from an expert on this) was that mint UrQs barely hit
mid-teens, and I mean MINT...

Gary:"$25k?  You think you can get that?"
Owner:"You know of a better Coupe?"
Gary:"Yeah, see that black one down there parked with us?"
(we were joined by a second UrQ owner at one point.)

You'll see a photo or two of the cockpit of a GT40- the owner noticed
I was struggling to get a photo through the side window(forgot the
polarizer, doh!) and opened the door for me, and I snapped a shot or

The Mercedes wagon was amazing- there's something
incredibly...awesome...about walking by the open window of a 50+ year
old car and smelling a deep, rich leather smell.

You'll also see in the photos a spectacular MGB dash, polished to perfection.

All in all, the three things the event needed were:
-sunshine(though it luckily didn't actually rain during the events at
the track)
-more people(we had maybe 10-15 I think, total)
-more advance notice(which would fix #2), including enough time to
mail out tickets instead of doing ticket pickup :-)

The Inn, the geography, and the event itself are all winners- with
better organization, it could be highly successful...perhaps we'll
give it a go next year with more time involved.

BTW-thanks to the folks that came- you guys were real troopers.  Big
thanks to Gary and his GF, who let me crash on their spare bed last
night for some much needed rest.

"They that give up essential liberty to obtain temporary
safety deserve neither liberty nor safety." - Ben Franklin

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