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Mon Sep 2 19:50:51 EDT 2002

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b.m.benz at prodigy.net writes:

> > True but lowering the car changes the camber for any given adjusted
>  > position. It's not impossible that a lowered car may need more adjustment
>  > range than either the of the two methods being discussed can provide.
>  Not more adjustment range, just an adjustment not available within the
>  factory range.
>  >
>  If changing the static ride height only changed the camber adjustment, you
>  low riders would be in fat city, because it can be corrected with a correct
>  realignment, even if additional, out of range adjustment need be provided.
>  But most likely it also moved the suspension operating range into one of
>  increased bump steer, a trade off sacrifice in handling for cosmetics.

 I stand by my statement of may need more adjustment range. To include
factory adjustment range or either method being discussed for increasing that
range. Given the age of the T44 chassis I think it can be safely assumed that
they are not all perfect. Accidents and hard use can cause enough of a change
in the strut towers to be a factor.

 As far as lowering the car sacrificing handling for cosmetics, I'm sure
there are several T44 owners that would be more than happy to show you the
error in that theory, myself included.


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