LRP vintage photos online

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Mon Sep 2 20:50:09 EDT 2002


Nice pics.  Wish I could've been there, but I was headed West instead.  I
think I know what to make of the "wrong lights" comment, though.  The
earlier Urq's in Europe (remember, US cars only got the DOT four square
setup), had their aero headlights with vertical front surface, and many
grill slats for the grill and smaller audi rings, whereas the later urq's
had sloped headlights and corresponding grill with larger Audi rings.  But
if the owner of the 'ahem' 25k Urq busts one of his 'proper' lenses, he'll
be disappointed to know he can only get the sloped lenses (the others are
NLA).  Ah, to enjoy a wonderful audi get together and the ensuing comradely

'91 200q20v...Slightly modified
'83 Urquattro
('90 v8q RIP)

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> Photos are up from the event- they're not 'processed' at all, and
> pretty small to load quickly/save bandwidth.
> They should look slightly overexposed on the mac, and (I'm guessing)
> about right on the PC.
> Note the green UrQ- you can't read it in the corner, but the owner
> had "$25,000" written in the upper corner of the windshield, probably
> his way of stretching the "no for sale signs" rule.
> The owner chewed out Gary(GMBCHEF at, owner of the white UrQ)
> for (supposedly) having non-stock lights- Gary and Marc were pretty
> sure this guy had the wrong lights himself, not Gary.

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