2 Watt Cluster Bulb Upgrade?

Jobe Tichy bimmer_dude at hotmail.com
Tue Sep 3 01:03:17 EDT 2002

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I had a urS4 buddy send an upgrade idea my way to upgrade the instrument
cluster bulbs from 1.1 watt to 2 watt bulbs.  I guess that it looks really
good at night.  Has anyone done this upgrade on the black-faced 200 instrum=
cluster?  Worth it (only about $10)?   I have had to upgrade my switch bulbs
to 2 watts because the dealer apparently didn't have the 1.1's I needed and
they run REALLY HOT (no problems yet).  Is there a known heat issue with a 2
watt upgrade in the IC?  Thanks


'91 200tq 20v

'84 BMW 318i (modified)

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