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I can't get closer to zero than -1.5 DEG on the right side of my stock
spring Boge Strut '91 200. Now maybe the alignment guy is wrong, but maybe
not. He started talking about the position of the suspension in terms that I
had never heard of on the list. I mentioned something about ading a tower
brace and he said that might be a solution, but it would throw this other
variable out and I'd have to go to a different shop to have that checked as
it was beyond his ability.

"Nobody can forget the sound." - Michele Mouton

>  I stand by my statement of may need more adjustment range. To include
> factory adjustment range or either method being discussed for increasing
> range. Given the age of the T44 chassis I think it can be safely assumed
> they are not all perfect. Accidents and hard use can cause enough of a
> in the strut towers to be a factor.
>  As far as lowering the car sacrificing handling for cosmetics, I'm sure
> there are several T44 owners that would be more than happy to show you the
> error in that theory, myself included.
> Keith
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