Greg Johnson gregsj2 at attbi.com
Tue Sep 3 21:30:42 EDT 2002

DasWolfen at aol.com wrote:

 As far as lowering the car sacrificing handling for cosmetics, I'm sure
there are several T44 owners that would be more than happy to show you the
error in that theory, myself included.


That would include me.  Call me crazy, but I track my TQA occasionally.  There are not enough Audi folk here in Spokane to rent the local track, so the "Spoquattro" crew runs with the BMW club.  Nothing (no thing) gives me more pleasure than spanking a few BMW's with an Audi quattro wagon.  I obviously cannot keep up with the new M3s, but in my intermediate run group, I can and do show my tailights to the older M3s  They simply cannot believe a well-prepped Audi wagon can do what it does.  Lowering the center of gravity, and taming body roll and brake dive were the reasons I put H&Rs on my TQA.  Cosmetics never entered into the equation, although it is a nice by-product.

Even with a Benz Brace, and explicit instuctions, my mechanic still has not been able to get my alignment negative yet, so I'm very interested in Igor's camber plates or Bernie's way of dropping the strut from the tower a few inches and elongating the camber plate mounting holes in the tower by  4mm. and adding larger dia. washers under the nuts.  Bernie, could you please give us more explicit instructions on how you go about doing this.  Many thanks,

Greg J

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