Probable headgasket failure

Djdawson2 at Djdawson2 at
Wed Sep 4 00:49:58 EDT 2002

I just did mine a month ago.  I'd bet that if you just did a straight swap
(remove, clean/inspect, reinstall w/new pump and belt) you could probably do
it in the 8 to 12hr range.  The engine mount swap (after the head is off)
adds very little time, maybe a half hour max.  Personally, I'd seriously
consider changing all the exhaust studs while you're at it.
I put about 25hrs in mine, but that included bead blasting the valve cover,
intake, wastegate, and anything else worth making pretty... changing all the
cooling hoses, the t-stat, wp and t-belt, distributor, plugs, every vacuum
line, all exhaust studs (with one helicoil), installed a head stud kit, both
motor mounts, the exhaust manifold, and the turbo.  All the messing around
with cleaning easily took 10 hours.  But it really wasn't a "bad" job.  I'd
take it over the same job on a 10v anyday... the injection is so much easier
to remove.
Anyway, good luck... and use the updated headgasket set.
Take care,

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