Mystery coolant leak

BriceW at BriceW at
Wed Sep 4 01:04:39 EDT 2002

I want to thank everyone who responded with answers to my problem. I
ordered the MFTS this morning from Shannon at Blau for $54.00 . I should
get it Thursday or Friday. I am finding that for a lot of dealer type
parts Blau is the best place to go for having it in stock and for the
price. I hate thier voice mail system though.You cant just stay on hold
but have to recontinue pressing buttons to stay on the lne.
I didnt relaize how many things that the MFTS can affect. Almost every
Audi I have ever seen there always seems to be coolant residue around
the MFTS.
Any tips on when I install the new one. Is there anything I should seal
the threads with, etc. It looks like wire splicing might be involved to
install it.
I am holding off on replacing the low coolant sensor under the expansion
until after I replace the MFTS. Found out that you cant just replace te
sensor but have to get the tank with the sensor in it.
$39.00. Not a bad price.

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