Some vacuum questions, MM hose

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Minhea, there is no way to repair a rubber hose, nothing will work, best to
replace it with new piece.  Obviously the reason you're getting tearing is
because the T-belt cover is rubbing a hole in it (from what you say).  So,
the only real solution is to move the MM hose to give it clearance between
the T-belt cover, no way around this unfortunately.  Also, you may way to
attach your IC piping to the engine with a bracket to prevent independent
movement between the two.


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> Fellow listers,
> The 3B in my coupe quattro is doing pretty fine, except for the MM hose
> which tore itself due to friction between it and the T-Belt cover... it has
> developed a nice hole which I "repaired" with duct tape but unfortunately
> the duct tape has torn as well... so before I get a new one (I feel like
> crying, this one was almost brand new!!!!) could someone tell me a way to
> repair it (like using silicone or something similar, I know silicone ain't
> good for the O2 sensor) before my intake plumbing is definitive? Right now
> I'm running no IC at all before I can find a good IC that could fit behind
> the front grill without too many mods and cutting (man that type 85 coupe
> has almost no room left under the hood right now! check the pics in the
> signature line if you want to see how it went together) so the intake
> plumbing isn't optimal at all but is only a "temporary fix"...
> Now on the other side, what vacuum readings should I see at idle with a
> warm engine? I can see -0.5/-0.6 Bar on my metric gauge, so in absolute
> terms this would be like 0.4-0.5 Bar.. what do you guys see on the dash
> display or on analog gauges? inches won't be of real help unless someone
> provides me with some formulas in order to convert these to Bar :-)
> I'm wondering if the hose is leaking under vacuum as well when I see those
> readings... IIRC the 200q20v's dash display used to say something like 0.3
> Bar at idle but I might be wrong as I didn't drive the donor car since
> April...
> Anyway, thanks for your answers,

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