Replacing rear control arm bushings

Jagernauth, Stephen, RTLSL sjagernauth at
Wed Sep 4 11:10:19 EDT 2002

I'm in the process of replacing the forward-most lower control arm bushings.
1 bushing just fell out of the metal sleeve when I loosened the 3 17mm nuts and the
large 22mm bolt, this may have been the source of my suspension noise which has been
annoying me since installing Bilstein Sports a while back.   I then had to persuade the metal
sleeve out by prying around its perimeter using vise, hammer and screwdriver.  Anyways, it appears that
that I need 2 identical bushings per side.

I could not get the new bushing to slide in since it's such a tight fit, is the correct method to heat
up the metal (control arm end) first?  MAPP, propane or oxy-acetylene?  I do not want excessive heat to melt
the rubber.  Alternatively, I could bake it in the oven when the wife's not home.

How much more work is it to change all the bushings?  Do I need access to a press?
Does someone sell a kit with all of these bushings?  Car has 138k.


Steve Jagernauth
'91 200tq20V Black
Easton, PA

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