Mystery coolant leak

Phil Rose pjrose at
Wed Sep 4 11:32:06 EDT 2002

At 12:04 AM -0500 9/4/02, BriceW at wrote:
>  Almost every
>Audi I have ever seen there always seems to be coolant residue around
>the MFTS.
>Any tips on when I install the new one. Is there anything I should seal
>the threads with, etc. It looks like wire splicing might be involved to
>install it.

The MFTS connector does pop off, although there can be some
difficulty doing this, since you need to release (pry apart) the
retaining "grippers" located on opposite sides of the connector. The
problem is that often only one of the two grippers is easily

So--after peeling down the rubber boot-- you will need to reach in
and feel around to determine the exact location/orientation of the
grippers. I've found that I can always manage to release the
connector in a few seconds by using a pair of flat-blade screwdrivers
(a long and a short length, usually) to lever them apart
(simul-f*cking-taneously)--at which point the connector will usually
drop right off with any slight, downward force. Removing the dipstick
gives a little better access; and doing the job 10 or 20 times
provides good practice. :-(


P.S. When you install the new MFTS, there is a temptation to stop
threading it in at some point where the connector's orientation seems
to be be "convenient"  for subsequent removal. Resist this temptation
as it may cause the MFTS to be inadequately tightened (and therefore,
to leak). Of course, it'll probably leak anyway.

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