Some vacuum questions, MM hose

Joshua C smuckycat at
Wed Sep 4 12:22:43 EDT 2002

I don't think Silicone goop (the kind in a tube that dries flexible not the
lube) would damage any sensors as it shouldn't give off anything once it has
cured.   FYI It does give off acetic acid when it is curing.  But anyways it
would be ok I think.  Shoe Goo or something like that may do a quick fix as
it has more abrasion resistance than silicone caulk (not sure about temp
resistance).  I also think a self vulcanizing bike tire patch could work if
you degreesed the hell out of the tube and patched from the inside
(depending on tear size and location.   good luck, Josh

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>Date: Tue, 03 Sep 2002 22:28:29 +0200
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>From: Mihnea Cotet <mik at>
>Subject: Some vacuum questions, MM hose
>Fellow listers,
>The 3B in my coupe quattro is doing pretty fine, except for the MM hose
>which tore itself due to friction between it and the T-Belt cover... it has
>developed a nice hole which I "repaired" with duct tape but unfortunately
>the duct tape has torn as well... so before I get a new one (I feel like
>crying, this one was almost brand new!!!!) could someone tell me a way to
>repair it (like using silicone or something similar, I know silicone ain't
>good for the O2 sensor) before my intake plumbing is definitive? Right now
>I'm running no IC at all before I can find a good IC that could fit behind
>the front grill without too many mods and cutting (man that type 85 coupe
>has almost no room left under the hood right now! check the pics in the
>signature line if you want to see how it went together) so the intake
>plumbing isn't optimal at all but is only a "temporary fix"...
>Now on the other side, what vacuum readings should I see at idle with a
>warm engine? I can see -0.5/-0.6 Bar on my metric gauge, so in absolute
>terms this would be like 0.4-0.5 Bar.. what do you guys see on the dash
>display or on analog gauges? inches won't be of real help unless someone
>provides me with some formulas in order to convert these to Bar :-)
>I'm wondering if the hose is leaking under vacuum as well when I see those
>readings... IIRC the 200q20v's dash display used to say something like 0.3
>Bar at idle but I might be wrong as I didn't drive the donor car since
>Anyway, thanks for your answers,
>'85 Coupe quattro - 3B engine, awaiting an IC :-)

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