Mystery coolant leak

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Wed Sep 4 12:44:48 EDT 2002

At 11:04 AM -0400 9/4/02, Kneale Brownson wrote:
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>At 10:32 AM 09/04/2002 -0400, Phil Rose wrote:
>>P.S. When you install the new MFTS, there is a temptation to stop
>>threading it in at some point where the connector's orientation seems
>>to be be "convenient"  for subsequent removal. Resist this temptation
>>as it may cause the MFTS to be inadequately tightened (and therefore,
>>to leak). Of course, it'll probably leak anyway.
>I thought this sensor leaked internally, not at the threads.  Is
>teflon tape a good idea on the threads?

It can certainly do both (isn't that one of the reasons it's called
"MultiFailure Temp Sensor")? Anyway, the MFTS installations I've seen
generally show some sign of external leakage. I would think that
teflon tape (or any sealant) might be problematic because the MFTS
depends on contact with the cooling pipe for the electrical ground.


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