Headlamp parts available?

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Wed Sep 4 14:37:59 EDT 2002

The shiny silver parts inside the headlights.


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By reflector, are you talking about the side reflectors or the internal
bucket reflectors?


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> Does anyone know if parts are available for the Euro lights for a
> 200q?
> Looking through the catalog, I found something called a "headlamp top
> retaining plate" which appears to be exactly the part that I need to
> repair my lamp, along with the reflector assembly and surrounding
> trim. If this is the case, I could get those parts for far less than a

> whole lamp.
> There are also part numbers for the reflector itself for those needing

> new reflectors.
> I don't know if these numbers are really available, but I thought I'd
> ask before buying a whole new lamp.
> Taka

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