Probable headgasket failure

Ingo D. Rautenberg ingo at
Wed Sep 4 14:53:00 EDT 2002

Thanks, Dave!

One thing, though.  What updated gasket/kit are you talking about?  Did you
source yours from Audi or?


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> Ingo,
> I just did mine a month ago.  I'd bet that if you just did a straight swap
> (remove, clean/inspect, reinstall w/new pump and belt) you could probably
> it in the 8 to 12hr range.  The engine mount swap (after the head is off)
> adds very little time, maybe a half hour max.  Personally, I'd seriously
> consider changing all the exhaust studs while you're at it.
> I put about 25hrs in mine, but that included bead blasting the valve
> .....

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