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Subject: [s-cars] Samco Hose Sizes for Clamps

Just thought I'd post this for the archives in case anyone ever needs it in
the future.

Samco Hose sizes:

Kit for 1992-1994 S4 & 1995-1997 S6:
TB652 Crossover pipe to intercooler  - 80mm/70mm
TB653 Turbo to crossover pipe - 80mm/60mm/spout 35mm
TB736  Spout for TB653 - 30mm/30mm
TB735 Intercooler to throttle body - 80mm/66mm/spout 25mm

Kit for 1991 Audi 200 tq 20v:
TB738 Upper hose - 77mm/66mm
TB737 Lower hose - 76mm/60mm/spout 30mm

NOTE: All sizes are nominal and can vary by a couple of mm (that's what
Samco told me...).

Cheers, /Jamu.

Chris Miller, Bolton MA USA, c1j1miller at
'91 200q20v ==>

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