Mystery coolant leak

Ed Kellock ekellock at
Wed Sep 4 18:57:57 EDT 2002

I believe Rod at The Parts Connection could have
hooked you up with this part for 35-40 and with TPC,
I've never had a shipping problem.  Not so for Blau
and hence the reason I won't ever use them again.

Colorado Springs

formerly of Lansing IOWA 52151 (not michigan!).
Even gave them the right zip, but they decided they knew
better and then refused to own up to it.  Still have the receipt
with "IA 52151" crossed out and "MI #####" written in pen.
Oh and they still charged me for the "free" t-shirt even on
a $700 order.  When I brought it to their attention, they would
only give me store credit.  Piss poor in my opinion.  The store
credit remains unused.  And yes, I was working with the owner
on these issues.

On Wed, 4 Sep 2002 00:04:39 -0500 (CDT) BriceW at writes:
> I want to thank everyone who responded with answers to my problem. I
> ordered the MFTS this morning from Shannon at Blau for $54.00 . I
> should
> get it Thursday or Friday. I am finding that for a lot of dealer
> type
> parts Blau is the best place to go for having it in stock and for
> the
> price. I hate thier voice mail system though.You cant just stay on
> hold
> but have to recontinue pressing buttons to stay on the lne.
> I didnt relaize how many things that the MFTS can affect. Almost
> every
> Audi I have ever seen there always seems to be coolant residue
> around
> the MFTS.
> Any tips on when I install the new one. Is there anything I should
> seal
> the threads with, etc. It looks like wire splicing might be involved
> to
> install it.
> I am holding off on replacing the low coolant sensor under the
> expansion
> tank
> until after I replace the MFTS. Found out that you cant just replace
> te
> sensor but have to get the tank with the sensor in it.
> $39.00. Not a bad price.
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