Help with the Mass Airflow sensor

alan cordeiro alancordeiro at
Wed Sep 4 23:20:22 EDT 2002

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My car began to behave very funny at lunch time today, the "check engine" light came on
and stayed on.

I dunped the codes, the first was the one for the MAF sensor.

I managed to "limp home" 35 miles on the freeway, and at home I checked out the sensor
using the rules from Bentley.  I have good voltage across pins one and five, but nothing
acorss pins one and three. (I do have 0.65 volts between one and four).

Does anyone have a good source for a new/used mass airflow sensor????

Please e-mail me back on this address, but since I willbe at work tomorrow,
unable to check e-mail till the evening, could you also copy me at

acordei4 at      (and no smart comments please)

if you have a phone number I might call from work.....


alan cordeiro
'91 200q  3B "lame"    (in limp home mode)

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