MFTS Any recommendations

BriceW at BriceW at
Thu Sep 5 04:56:38 EDT 2002

I went to Scotts
site and looked up the multifunction temperature switch.
I wished that I had went there before I ordered my new one as I learned
that the original 4 contact switch was made by VDO and has a very
complicated IC. The new switch is only 3 contact and made by Behler or
Mehler and a very simple design. He has inner pics of both switched that
show the difference.                     Scott recommends the original 4
prong switch by VDO. He says that some parts outlets still have the
original available.
I will find out tomorrow which I got.
He says that he still doesn't know why this switch goes bad every couple
years. It might be from over tightening as the brass could strip and
cause the leaks on the 3 contact switch. Also he takes the rubber boot
off completely on the 3 contact switch as it causes the switch to go bad
faster as the coolant gets trapped in the boot.  Someone emailed me and
said to pierce some holes in the boot for the coolant to leak out of.
Those who emailed me as to my problem were right on the money. The low
boost, no AC, low coolant light, etc. are all caused by this switch
being bad.
What is the best tool to use to remove and replace it?  A stubby wrench
or a long one or a deep socket? What MM?
Should I take the boot off completely or cut a big hole in it?
Scott put in bold print to NOT overtighten but he wasnt clear if was
referring to the 4 or 3 contact switch or both.

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