Mystery coolant leak/MFTS installation

Phil Rose pjrose at
Thu Sep 5 11:18:57 EDT 2002

At 4:33 AM -0500 9/5/02, BriceW at wrote:
>      I tried TPC first, of course and they told me that the MFTS was a
>dealer only part. I tried them a week ago for a speed sensor on a 100
>and was told the same thing. Blau had both parts in stock at a
>reasonable price.

Quite surprising response from TPC. I don't know about the speed
sensor, but I doubt that _Rod_ (at TPC) would have said the MFTS was
"dealer-only", unless there was some sort of communication problem.
He's probably sold hundreds of these sensors.

As to MFTS removal--you can use a long  1 1/8" box-end wrench , which
will fit perfectly (also 27 mm, of course). It takes just a _very_
small amount of turning with the wrench to get the sensor loosened to
the point that you can remove it by hand.

As to the 3-contact version being more vulnerable to overtightening
than the 4--I don't know, but I rather doubt it. I think the leakage
problems have more to do with *under*tightening than anything else.
BTW, I know I advised against using a sealant (and still do) but it's
worth mentioning that the MFTS employs a metal crush-washer. This
helps to assure metal-to-metal contact between the manifold and the
sensor body, and hence there might not be a loss of grounding if a
small amount of sealant were used on the threads.


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