Hello again, and some problems

Rob Winchell rbwinchell at yahoo.com
Thu Sep 5 09:06:08 EDT 2002

Hey kids. I've been "off list" for quite a while, now
returning because I have some problems and need some

First off, my radiator has developed a leak/crack.
Yesterday morning it started spewing steam and coolant
from what appears to be the seam between the tank end
the plastic ends, up near the top. I'd like to replace
with an all-metal radiator. Anyone done this recently
that has a source, and approx. price?

Also, it's time for the timing belt/water pump job
(180k miles). I'd like to attempt this myself, or more
accurately with someone else that knows what they are
doing. Anyone in Central MA want to volunteer? I have
a big garage to work in, or would be happy to travel.
There will be beer involved.


Rob Winchell

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