Hello again, and some problems

Brett Dikeman brett at cloud9.net
Thu Sep 5 15:08:43 EDT 2002

At 8:06 AM -0700 9/5/02, Rob Winchell wrote:

>First off, my radiator has developed a leak/crack.
>Yesterday morning it started spewing steam and coolant
>from what appears to be the seam between the tank end
>the plastic ends, up near the top. I'd like to replace
>with an all-metal radiator. Anyone done this recently
>that has a source, and approx. price?

List members have been enthusiastically(to say the least) pursuing
Nissen radiator co to import a model that fits our cars.  Peruse the

>Also, it's time for the timing belt/water pump job
>(180k miles). I'd like to attempt this myself, or more
>accurately with someone else that knows what they are
>doing. Anyone in Central MA want to volunteer? I have
>a big garage to work in, or would be happy to travel.
>There will be beer involved.

I'm in need of a T-belt job as well(less than 2k away now) - a bunch
of us in the area(eastern MA) were toying around with the idea of
another t-belt-athon.  Stay tuned.

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