[audi20v] 20v distributor gears

Bernie Benz b.m.benz at prodigy.net
Thu Sep 5 13:57:42 EDT 2002

Thanks Brandon, but I must spread the credits around where they belong.

The trick was to find a competent gear shop that was small enough to be
interested in a small project, a slow economy at the time also was in our

The credit for finding the shop goes to fellow 200-20V lister, Alan Cordeiro
<alancordeiro at comcast.net>, who knew the shop owner and had done prior
business with him.

It was Derek Pulvino <geargp at hotmail.com> who kicked off, and has been
managing this sucessful project, after loosing his distributor to another
200-20V lister who had started an unsuccessfull gear project, before he
vanished from the scene with Derek's distributor.  Derek, I believe that you
may have made the contact with Audi Driver <mail at autometrix.co.uk>.  They
should be informed that I have been running a gear in the 7A for 3 months or
so, and that we have placed almost 100 of these gears, with a few more to

I was just the closest one to the Stockton, CA gear shop, so I have been
acting as the technical liaison with them, a fun job.

Regards, Bernie

> From: "Brandon Hull" <Hull at cardinalpartners.com>
> Reply-To: Brandon Hull <brandon at cardinalventures.com>
> Date: Thu, 5 Sep 2002 13:54:04 -0400
> To: "Audi 20V" <audi20v at rennlist.org>
> Subject: [audi20v] 20v distributor gears
> Yes, I saw a mention of this on the S2 yahoo board.  Good work!  I also
> applaud your follow through on this Bernie.  There have been several
> unsuccessful prior efforts over the years, I remember Mark Nelson *almost* had
> them for about six months...
> Brandon H
> eS2
>> Looks like Bernie's got a mention in UK mag "Audi Driver"
>> regarding the
>> production of metal dist gear. I guess you're our claim to
>> fame Bernie!!
>> BTW Audi Driver are interested to hear from anyone who has
>> fitted one of
>> these replacements at mail at autometrix.co.uk

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