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Thu Sep 5 23:04:05 EDT 2002

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200 Starter: SYMPTOMS
Drove Avant onto two car ramps, Alt had failed - blocked the rear wheels.
Changed the starter after the alternator. Replaced all the wires correctly.
Reconnect battery and turn key: click click click. voltmeter shows 10.2V (at
starter connection with ground at oil pan.)
Use suspect battery charger on "engine start" (dash volmeter spiked to 16V)
and click click click much faster!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Replace battery with NEW. ~12.6V at starter, turn key -solid CLICK.
Take 13 month (one month DAMN! outta warranty) old Bosch starter to FLAPS.
Test it AND a Force Five $40 used starter both GOOD no deadspots. Pinion gear
jumps out and spins on test beach. HMMMMMMM>
Reinstall known "tested" good 13 month old Bosch.  Replace suspect wires with
solder and new wire. (Alt to starter) and Starter solinoid thin spade plug
Turn key in dash : CLICK
Jury rig wires for NEW Starter solinoid thin spade plug wire to extra lead I
installed from Alt so I could lay on back in parking lot and "jump start" the
car by holding two wires together to engage starter. BIG CLICK - nothing -
(except rust falling down on my head.) same one solid CLICK as
Disassemble, reassemble correctly to factory as-built it and rolled in off
ramps out of garage.  Three week process between vacation and driving 25
miles to work one hour then go home.
I suspect that something binding or preventing the flywheel from rotating the
Totally stumped.  On my way to Ritzel, MA to have car worked on by Audi tech

Can I roll car down big hill after towing it there? And let out the clutch
(in second of course) to run it?
Or is something telling me putting the car in gear to keep it from rolling
off the ramps broke somethiing inside?

-Scott in BOSTON HELP PLEASE ! SuffolkD at
ps.  Wire ends dipped in baking soda to clean corrosion. then filed to shiney
copper surface.  Every connection is new or super clean. (as I feel evident
by the SOLID CLICKS)  Chris at Force five said check ground strap.  It looks
clean and has only a light hint of FAINT green corrosion.  Fired this with
contact cleaner and then liquid wrench.  Ground super tough to get at. Left
alone not to introduce another variable.

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