[audi20v] 20v distributor gears

Derek Pulvino geargp at hotmail.com
Thu Sep 5 15:26:52 EDT 2002

True, I did have a letter published in the Audi Driver Magazine back in the
Jan/Feb issue.  I actually just had somebody respond in the last week who
said they saw tell of this in a current edition of the magazine.  Wasn't
sure if he was confused on the date as well, but looks like I was the one
who didn't know.

I'll contact them again about the successful run and install.  We also have
somebody who works for the magazine who purchased one of the gears, and will
be receiveing theirs in the upcoming batch (David Harrison).  He said we'll
probably get another mention next year when they do another story on his box
fender Quattro Coupe.

Looks like we're on the map!

Derek P

>Thanks Brandon, but I must spread the credits around where they belong.
>The trick was to find a competent gear shop that was small enough to be
>interested in a small project, a slow economy at the time also was in our
>The credit for finding the shop goes to fellow 200-20V lister, Alan
><alancordeiro at comcast.net>, who knew the shop owner and had done prior
>business with him.
>It was Derek Pulvino <geargp at hotmail.com> who kicked off, and has been
>managing this sucessful project, after loosing his distributor to another
>200-20V lister who had started an unsuccessfull gear project, before he
>vanished from the scene with Derek's distributor.  Derek, I believe that
>may have made the contact with Audi Driver <mail at autometrix.co.uk>.  They
>should be informed that I have been running a gear in the 7A for 3 months
>so, and that we have placed almost 100 of these gears, with a few more to
>I was just the closest one to the Stockton, CA gear shop, so I have been
>acting as the technical liaison with them, a fun job.
>Regards, Bernie
> > From: "Brandon Hull" <Hull at cardinalpartners.com>
> > Reply-To: Brandon Hull <brandon at cardinalventures.com>
> > Date: Thu, 5 Sep 2002 13:54:04 -0400
> > To: "Audi 20V" <audi20v at rennlist.org>
> > Subject: [audi20v] 20v distributor gears
> >
> > Yes, I saw a mention of this on the S2 yahoo board.  Good work!  I also
> > applaud your follow through on this Bernie.  There have been several
> > unsuccessful prior efforts over the years, I remember Mark Nelson
>*almost* had
> > them for about six months...
> >
> > Brandon H
> > eS2
> >
> >>
> >> Looks like Bernie's got a mention in UK mag "Audi Driver"
> >> regarding the
> >> production of metal dist gear. I guess you're our claim to
> >> fame Bernie!!
> >>
> >> BTW Audi Driver are interested to hear from anyone who has
> >> fitted one of
> >> these replacements at mail at autometrix.co.uk
> >>

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