Brakes - Tilton Valve Placement

Ingo Rautenberg irautenberg at
Sat Sep 7 12:38:52 EDT 2002

All this talk about brakes had me take a look at my Tilton valve setup and a
few questions:

I have the 200q20v and I looked at the Bentley and I noticed that they show
the forward line of the master cylinder  going to the bottom of the
hydraulic actuating unit (V for Vorne -Front) and the rear going to the
other side of the bottom of the unit (unmarked).  On mine this was reversed.
Does this matter or is it a matter of the Bentley (100/200 models through
1991) generalizing?

I have my Tilton valve between the brake master cylinder and the bottom of
the ABS actuating unit.  Should it be after the unit instead or does it

BTW, the stock proportioning valve in the rear was removed.

'91 200q20v...Slightly modified
'83 Urquattro
('90 v8q RIP)

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