crank case breather - sheesh

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David, next time check Scott Mockry's site.



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> So, I need the correct part number for the crank case breather hose.
> ETKA shows the 10 V part (I didn't look closely enough and thought it
> could be right for the 20v). Local dealer gives me the same part #, so
> I'm feeling good and call Didi, get it for $30. (20 less than local).
> Come to find out, the part in my car goes all the way behind the engine
> and contains a tee! Of course, the old one falls apart as I'm trying to
> take it out. I have a bunch of parts from Home Depot I'm going to coble
> together (along with a foil/fiberglass sandwitch heatsheild) to get the
> car running for a few days until I get the correct part.
> Anyone know the correct part of this beast! Cost?
> Thanks,
> David
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