crank case breather - sheesh

DAK dak at
Sun Sep 8 01:26:53 EDT 2002

Hmm. I wondered about this after reading Scott JM's site. For only
$4.27, I build something to connect the crank case to the part of the
hose that wasn't totally trashed (just at the back edge of the engine
block). I did the heat shield bit and hope it will hold for a few short
trips. I just didn't want things open to the atmosphere.
I wonder how the oil likes having those little bits of rubber dropping
into it! When I took the one end of the hose off, all kinds of rubber
bits fell out. I imagine some of this was going into the crank case.
I feel kind of stupid. I looked at the family album again and found the
20v part! Just needed that AF on the end! Rats!
$85 is kind of a bummer, but I guess it could be worse! I'll be on the
phone to Didi on Monday.
Thanks to those who pointed out my blunder!

Audi Sport wrote:

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>If I was you I would not waste my time buidling some new hose untill you get
>the right part. The car will run just fine without it. It's only the section
>that connects to the crankcase that fell apart, correct?
>Dan B.
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